Ujut mini. Home care set


Volume under the offer12.6 PV

Price27.9 EUR

Discount price20.9 EUR

Aquamagic UJUT mini set contains:

•     Mitt: for general cleaning

The elastic cuff comfortably covers the wrist. Due to its longer nap, this product is indispensable for cleaning dust off of equipment, household appliances, and polished surfaces.

•     «Suede» cloth: for delicate surfaces

Ideal for surfaces that cannot be wetted. The wiped surface is polished while being cleaned at the same time. Perfectly for taking care of jewelry and bijouterie and adds a shine to the stones. Indispensable for taking care of liquid crystal displays. Provides effective, gentle care for the leaves of any houseplants.

•     «Smooth» cloth: for glassware

Quickly and thoroughly washes windows without wiping them dry. It easily polishes and gives brilliance and shine to products made of crystal, glass, and porcelain. It is also used for cleaning TV screens, monitors, microwave ovens, and optics.