Absolute mini. Kitchen set


Volume14.4 PV

Price37.3 EUR

Enjoy absolute purity! Having made a choice in favor of ABSOLUTE ecological products of AQUAmagic line, you have provided comfort, coziness and cleanliness in your kitchen, care for your own health and the health of the people around you.


The Aquamagic ABSOLUTE MINI SET contains:

  • Involver Sponge – to remove the stubborn stains (2 pcs., green and yellow)

The unique lint structure created using the latest technologies ­allows cleaning strongly contaminated surfaces as quick as possible and of highest quality ­. Efficiently removes stubborn stains and collects dust.

  • Corded cloth – universal

Perfectly absorbs the moisture. Used to remove various contaminations­ from any surfaces including metallic and chrome plated coatings. Allows quickly wiping the dishes dry. Does not leave stains and lints, convenient and pleasant to use.