AQUAmagic Nega Body Wash Mitt for gentle skin cleansing

22 х 14 cm


Volume under the offer4.6 PV

Price16.9 EUR

Discount price16.2 EUR

Gentle care at the first touch... By choosing the AQUAmagic line’s NEGA ecological products, you have ensured yourself perfect care for your body and hair as well as retaining your youth and beauty.

It is made of AQUAmagic ultrathin dissected microfiber produced by the latest textile technology: each thread obtained through a special combination of polyester and polyamide, is cut longitudinally into eight regular sectors that form microscopic gaps along the thread. That results in the forming of a capillary effect: moisture with dirt and dust comes off the cleaned surface and draws into the fabric structure under the surface tension.

The glove gently cleanses the skin, removing the dead epidermis and stimulating the growth of young cells. It provides ­a soft massage, greatly improving blood circulation and skin regeneration. ­ Regular use of the glove renders the skin smooth and beautiful.