Bath towel Aquamagic Nega, beige


Volume28.5 PV

Price50.0 EUR

Soft and delicate, pleasant to the touch, the NEGA bath towel perfectly absorbs moisture, leaving the skin dry. The towel dries quickly. It is resistant to wear and tear, which means it will serve you for many years. Turn a visit to the bathroom or sauna into a fully-fledged SPA!

Limited edition!

Gain more benefit and pleasure from a bath or sauna! With the NEGA bath towel you will receive delicate skin care and a feeling of comfort and cleanliness. The towel is highly absorbent. It is pleasant to touch and dries quickly. It is an ideal accessory for you, and a great gift for a bath or sauna lover!

It is made of AQUAmagic ultrathin split microfiber, in the production of which the latest textile technology is used: each strand of a microfiber, obtained by a special combination of polyester and polyamide, is split into eight regular sectors, forming microscopic slits along the entire length.

Size: 90*150cm

Composition: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide

How to use: Towel with increased absorbency. Use for body care in the bathroom and sauna.