Universal mop with two attachments of microfiber for floor and other surfaces

Volume under the offer30.8 PV

Price73.5 EUR

Discount price58.8 EUR

Universal wet cleaning system with a manually powered centrifuge

Volume under the offer23.7 PV

Price94.1 EUR

Discount price75.3 EUR

Microfiber blue attachment for mop

Volume under the offer3.5 PV

Price10.0 EUR

Discount price8.0 EUR

Aero. Spray mop

Volume under the offer19.6 PV

Price52.8 EUR

Discount price42.2 EUR

AQUAmatic MOP universal attachment №1

Volume8 PV

Price14.7 EUR

AQUAmatic MOP Wet cleaning Attachment №2

Volume8 PV

Price14.7 EUR

AQUAmatic MOP attachment for dry cleaning №3

Volume8 PV

Price14.7 EUR