TeaVitall Breeze Antioxidant Tea Drink, 75 g

Food supplements, 75 g


Volume4.8 PV

Price11.0 EUR

The ТEAVITALL collection is developed in accordance with original recipes and based on ingredients with valuable properties. Their balanced formulas are created while taking into account the complex effects of the ingredients. Their bright taste and delicate aroma allow the tea to be enjoyed.

Slightly sour hibiscus and bright currant in TEAVITALL BREEZE are muffled up in a cloud of gentle taste of green tea and cinquefoils.

Cinquefoils in the composition helps strengthen the immune system and normalizes the digestive system.

Black currant, lingonberry and blueberry work as antioxidants, assist in body functioning correctly and neutralize free radicals.

Black currant (leaf, fruit), Cinquefoils (leaf, flowers), Cowberry (leaf), Hibiscus (flowers), green tea (leaf).