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8 May 2021

Embark on an unforgettable trip around the world with the vibrant

flavors of the TeaVitall AnyDay collection!

From May 8 (10:00 Moscow time) to May 15 (23:59 Moscow time) you can buy your favorite teas with a 20% discount.

# 01581 Tea drink TeaVitall AnyDay Zanzibar, enriched with citrus notes with pleasant orange sourness and spicy aroma. As it cools, the drink becomes pleasantly refreshing.
# 01584 TeaVitall AnyDay Mediterranean is the tenderness of green tea and an exquisite combination of mint and lavender. Discover the Old World in a cup of unique Mediterranean tea.
# 01586 TeaVitall Anyday "Himalayan" tea drink - with the "Himalayas" tea drink it is so easy to embark on the path of spiritual enlightenment, improve and conquer new heights. Enjoy an unusual combination of flavors and aromas, born high in the mountains.
# 01589 TeaVitall Anyday "Laplandia" - take yourself to a northern fairy tale with the Laplandia tea drink. The combination of black teas and Icelandic moss gives it the national flavor of the land of ice. Cranberry gives a pleasant sourness, while licorice gives a pleasant sweet aftertaste.

Promotional price: 4.70 euros

The promotion is valid from May 8 (10:00 Moscow time) to May 15 (23:59 Moscow time).