Green Jack! Hit Your Jackpot!

11 June 2021

All beginners activated in June 2021 can participate in the game!

Our new game for the most gambling players — Green Jack from Greenway

At the first activation in the period "June 2021",
take part in the game Green Jack and see what fortune will give you!

You can win:

  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro,
  • Apple Watch,
  • Air Pods,
  • Greenway products.

Most importantly, there will be no losers! Everybody will get prizes!

We will continue to hold such games, changing some of the conditions. This time, the player needs to be activated for the first time in June.

Game scheme:

1. activate in the period "June 2021";
2. after activation, a pop-up window with a game offer will appear in your Personal Account, open it;
3. click on the "Play" button in a new window;
4. once on the field with cards, choose any card out of 25;
5. get your prize with your first order in this period.

Please note: you can play once.

Only beginners who are activated for the first time in the period "June 2021" play this time! Participate in the Green Jack game and get a guaranteed win!

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