New! Sharme Hair Line Replenishment

12 July 2021

Natural shampoo and conditioner

Product Replenishment in the European Union!

Meet two new Sharme Hair products from Greenway: a natural solid shampoo and a hair conditioner with scents of almond and olive oil.

Sharme Hair is the hair beauty and health for those who prefer natural care and eco-friendly products!  Your curls will become flawless with Sharme Hair products.

#02764EU Sharme Hair Almond natural solid shampoo is specially formulated to give color-treated hair a healthy shine and keep it moisturized and well-nourished. Its natural ingredients provide deep hair restoration and maintain the brightness of the tone. Sharme Hair Almond solid shampoo helps prevent breakage and saves the coloring pigment.

Price: 5.80 EUR / 161.20 CZK

Volume: 3.3 PV

#02768EU Sharme Hair Olive Oil natural solid conditioner is ideal for oily hair. Its natural composition rich in essential oils detangles without weighing hair down.  Sharme Hair Olive Oil conditioner brings shine and suppleness after each use eliminating their oily sheen.

Price: 7.90 EUR / 218.40 CZK

Volume: 4.5 PV