The first LEADERS CAMP is an event for European partners

20 July 2021

October 17-24, 2021

Join us in our travel event LEADERS CAMP! It is a new occurrence format based on leveling up your skills and team building. Coaction, teamwork, synergy, exchange of knowledge, and experience are just a tiny part of what awaits you at LEADERS CAMP.

How to participate?

If you want to join the most powerful pumping of this year, you must fulfill two conditions:

1. Make the Leader qualification in the periods "July 2021", "August 2021", and "September 2021";

2. Qualify as L2 and above in any two periods of these three ("July 2021", "August 2021", and "September 2021").

These conditions apply to 27 EU countries, as well as to Turkey, Ukraine, Egypt, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Israel, and Uzbekistan.

Where will the event take place?

The first LEADERS CAMP will take place on the largest island in Greece, Crete, famous for its clean beaches and mild sea climate.

When will the event take place?

October 17-24, 2021

Participants have the opportunity to get accommodation in a 5* hotel as a gift from the Company (for double occupancy).

It requires:

  • For partners with the rank up to and including Master for the period "June 2021": confirm the qualification Master or higher in each of the periods ("July 2021", "August 2021" and "September 2021").
  • For partners with rank M1 and above for the period "June 2021": all three periods must be in qualification not lower than the Master and two periods of three ("July 2021", "August 2021", and "September 2021") to confirm their title.

All Grand Masters of the Greenway Company, regardless of their country of residence, who have confirmed their GM qualification and higher in the "July 2021" and "August 2021"periods, can participate in the LEADERS CAMP travel event for Europe.

Stay tuned for our news to learn more about the new LEADERS CAMP travel event!