"Green Walk" with Greenway

13 сентября 2021

On Saturday 18 September, Greenway invites partners to take part in a movement for a clean planet as part of World Cleanup Day

The "Green Walk" campaign is a day when partners will walk along their favorite routes, collect and sort waste, as well as the opportunity to spend time outdoors with benefits for the environment.

Greenway partners will sort waste and hand over the garbage for recycling where possible. There is a map on the page where you can select waste collection points.

To take part in the promotion:
1. Register.
2. Invite friends and like-minded people.
3. On September 18th, take the trash bags and gloves.
4. Walk along your favorite routes and collect trash.
5. Take a photo of the result and upload it to the promotion page.
6. Hand over the waste for recycling where possible.

Share your results on social networks with the hashtag #greenwalk, the most productive teams will be on Greenway's official social media pages.

Details on the promotion page and on the official pages of the company in social networks.

World Cleanup Day is one of the biggest civic movements of our time, uniting 180 countries across the world for a cleaner planet.