New! Replenishment of decorative cosmetics FOET line

6 октября 2021

Products are available for purchase

The long-awaited replenishment of the FOET line in the European Union!

Let's shine at any time with new products from Greenway: matte lipsticks, eyeshadows, and eyebrow designer. 


Creamy MATTE INTENSE LIPSTICK fits perfectly on the lips in a dense layer. Natural substances based on products with high absorbent properties (corn starch, rice starch, and silicon) provide a perfect matte finish without the effect of dryness. The combination of smoothing oils and carnauba wax creates a unique feeling of velvety, lightness, and comfort.

#02601EU 01 Foet Matte Lipstick Real red

#02602EU 02 Foet Matte Lipstick Great nude

#02603EU 03 Foet Matte Lipstick Allure gold

#02604EU 04 Foet Matte Lipstick Pink pastel

#02605EU 05 Foet Matte Lipstick Rich grape

#02606EU 06 Foet Matte Lipstick Sweet berry

Price: EUR 10.40 / CZK 286.10
Volume: 5.5PV


The unique eyeshadow formula with a high content of pure water (over 40%) is designed to give the eyes a refreshing effect. Glycerin cares for the skin and provides long-lasting hydration. The eyeshadows stay on the eyelids even after the water evaporates. The high water content makes it easy to rinse off makeup without using makeup removers.

#02660EU 60 Foet Eyeshadow Stick Silky gray

#02661EU 61 Foet Eyeshadow Stick Silky pink

#02662EU 62 Foet Eyeshadow Stick Silky brown

#02663EU 63 Foet Eyeshadow Stick Silky nude

Price: EUR 11.90 / CZK 327.70
Volume: 6.30 PV


Create an expressive look in seconds! The transparent water-based gel contains polymers that provide easy styling of eyebrows and eyelashes. Glycerin nourishes, moisturizes the entire length.

#02670EU 70 Foet Brow Designer transparent

Price: EUR 10.40 / CZK 286.10
Volume: 5.50 PV