Product Day for European Partners: Dry and wet car cleaning

25 ноября 2021

November 27-28

The car is the pride of its owner. It is not so easy to keep the car clean in the off-season! Slush, rain, or snow will spoil the look of your vehicle!

If you want to maintain the image of a successful business person and have a clean car, while saving time and money, take part in Product Day from GREENWAY. We will talk about how to wash your car properly and what company products will help us with this. Without chemical detergents and visiting a car wash!

Product Day Heroes are:

• Aquamagic LUXE TOWEL towel large;

• Aquamagic LUXE double-sided towel;

• Aquamagic LUXE set;

• Universal cloth and mitten Aquamagic UJUT;

• Cloth for glass Aquamagic UJUT.

Remember that the discount will be valid for 2 days — November 27 and 28. Mentors in Europe will hold Product Day. Contact them for more detailed information!

We are waiting you at Product Day because it is:

• product presentation;

• masterclasses from experts;

• product benefits;

• bonuses for the purchase.


Enjoy a clean car with Greenway!