Product Day for European partners: Immune protection and restoration

12 января 2022

January 15-16

Interest in supporting the immune system has grown significantly amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress, low levels of physical activity, improper lifestyle, chronic fatigue weaken the body, and then there's the impact of new mutating viruses.

How to keep the immune system in top shape? How to restore the body after the coronavirus? We will talk about this during Product Day. Its theme is "Immune protection and restoration."

Our focus is on a comprehensive approach to restoring immunity using Greenway products from the Welllab and Sharme Essential brands. Our formulas are safe and consist mainly of natural ingredients, therefore they are suitable not only for protecting the body but also for its restoration.

We are waiting for everyone at Product Day from Greenway, because it is:

  • helpful information;
  • expert opinion;
  • product presentations;
  • nice discounts.

Discounts will be valid on January 15-16. Contact mentors from Europe for more information!

Strengthen your immune system and be healthy!