Webinar in Polish "How to prepare the body for the summer?"

21 июня 2022

22 June, 20.00 (CET)

Dear partners and clients!

We invite you to regular online meetings with beauty and Anny Rey expert in Polish. This Wednesday at 20.00 Bozena Chmielecka will hold ZOOM on the topic "How to prepare the body for the summer?" She will share tips on skin care for the face and body, the secrets of losing weight with Greenway Global products.

The training will be held in Polish on the ZOOM platform on 22 June, 20.00 (CET). You can connect using this link every Wednesday at the same time. Our expert prepares a presentation and training on various topics.

Link to ZOOM

password: qDW1VJ

Meeting ID: 798 696 2791


Expert advice in Polish - every Wednesday!