Tickets for the Greenway Global European Tour are now on sale for event participants

25 июля 2022

A business event open to all

Dear friends!

Today the company is opening ticket sales for everyone who wants to take part in the Greenway Global European Tour.

As a reminder, the Greenway Global European Tour is a business tour of our Masters and Grand Masters in 3 European cities. The aim of this event is to maximize the potential of Greenway Global for partners, customers and anyone who wants to learn more about the opportunities to make good money in partnership with the company. Team work tools, proven tips and only useful material will be presented to you at the event.

To attend the event in one of the cities of the tour, you need to buy a ticket.

The cost of ticket is 10 EUR, 250 CZK.

September 16 — Riga, Latvia. Buy ticket >>>

September 18 — Berlin, Germany. Buy ticket >>>

September 24 — Bratislava, Slovakia. Buy ticket >>>

You can invite to the event both your partners and clients, as well as the guests who are not yet acquainted with the company.

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