Liquidation! 30% off for Balancer Adept

15 сентября 2022

Discounted items available for purchase

From September 15 (09:00 CET) to September 30 (23:59 CET), grab your favorite Balancer Adepts with a 30% discount.

BALANCER ADEPT is the first coconut milkshake designed for vegans, lactose intolerant people, and anyone who wants to eat more plant-based foods. Does not contain lactose, sugar, gluten, or GMOs.

#01214EU BALANCER ADEPT Cappuccino flavoured cocktail, 7 pcs.
#01215EU BALANCER ADEPT Pina Colada flavoured cocktail, 7 pcs.
#01216EU BALANCER ADEPT Matcha Latte flavoured cocktail, 7 pcs.

Promotional price: 16,50 euros / 454,60 crowns

#01217EU BALANCER ADEPT cocktail with Thai Tom Yum Soup flavour, 5 pcs

Promotional price: 12,10 euro / 334,10 crowns

#01219EU BALANCER ADEPT MIX SET cocktail (cappuccino, matcha latte, pina colada with coconut milk), 3 pcs.

Promotional price: 7,20 euros / 197 crowns