New! Sharme Dent toothpastes

4 ноября 2022

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Take care of healthy gums and a whiter smile with Greenway Global's newest EU product: SHARME DENT natural toothpastes.

SHARME DENT is a natural and effective oral care product.

Complex of plant extracts and oils in SHARME DENT toothpastes fight bacteria that cause caries while gently cleaning the teeth and gums and creating a feeling of freshness and comfort.

SHARME DENT has been developed to meet strict environmental and natural requirements.

1. A naturally healthy smile.

Effective oral care thanks to natural active ingredients. 99.65% of the ingredients are natural.                                                                              

2. Preventive care.

Contains active natural ingredients that neutralize bacteria and prevent cavities.

#02401EU SHARME DENT Aloe & Sea Buckthorn Toothpaste

#02402EU SHARME DENT Calcium & Echinacea Toothpaste

#02403EU SHARME DENT Lemon & Lingonberry Toothpaste

Price: 7,80 EUR / 213,60 CZK
Volume: 2.4 PV