Limited Edition! New Year's fiber for glass Green Fiber

18 ноября 2022

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Get ready for Christmas with limited edition fibers for glass in a festive design.

Fibers are presented in three stylish Christmas designs that can be a wonderful gift for your loved ones.

Fiber is suitable for the care of glass, mirrors, and glossy surfaces.

It leaves no lint, stains, or moisture on the surface. Thanks to the smooth microfiber structure, when dry, they provide gentle care for screens, monitors, and household appliances, without scratches and damage. Since there is no need to wipe glassware dry, cleaning turns into a pleasant process of comfort creation.

#06111EU Green Fiber HOME P1 Fiber for glass, pink

#06112EU Green Fiber HOME P1 Fiber for glass, turquoise

#06113EU Green Fiber HOME P1 Fiber for glass, beige

Price: 9.80 EUR / 271.80 CZK
Volume: 4.2 PV