Limited Edition! Balancer Coffee

23 января 2023

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Meet the limited edition Balancer Coffee!

Balancer Coffee is an aromatic and tonic beverage that allows you to get a quick and tasty boost of energy and vigor, increase efficiency and reduce fatigue.

You can choose from 2 flavors of coffee: guarana extract and coconut milk.

#01230EU Instant drink Balancer "Coffee with coconut milk" is a great alternative for those who love coffee but are lactose intolerant, or are looking to reduce their consumption of dairy products. Coconut milk has beneficial effects on many body systems, while making coffee taste more delicate and mild, giving it a creamy aftertaste.

Price: 13 EUR / 336 CZK

Volume: 4.6 PV

#01231EU Instant drink Balancer "Coffee with guarana extract" is a composition consisting of instant coffee and guarana extract with natural caffeine.

Guarana extract contains 4-6 times more caffeine than coffee beans. And on top of this, it stimulates the brain, improves memory and has a longer lasting invigorating effect than regular coffee.

Price: 11,80 EUR / 306 CZK

Volume: 4,1 PV

Both flavors include extracts of reishi mushrooms, cordyceps and chaga, the combination of which creates a strong restorative and tonic effect, has an anti-inflammatory effect and provides immune support to fight various diseases.