Product Day for European Partners: Beauty and Youthfulness

10 марта 2023

11-12 March

A comprehensive approach to self-care will help you preserve your natural beauty for a long time. It is unlikely that beauty "on the outside" - clean skin, shiny hair, an easy walk, strong teeth and nails - is possible without the support of the body "on the inside".

This weekend we are going to talk about such Greenway Global product lines as Welllab, Anny Rey, Green Fiber which will make taking care of yourself and your loved ones easier and more environmentally friendly.

Product Day by Greenway Global is all about

- useful information;

- expert opinions;

- product presentations;

- attractive discounts.

Note: Product Day is hosted by mentors in Europe. Contact them for details.

The product discounts will be valid all weekend (March 11-12).


See you at Product Day!