Expert live in German

5 мая 2023

How to fight spring fatigue and support immunity

It is not uncommon for many of us to feel exhausted in the springtime. Despite the sun and the retreat of the cold, the body is overcome by unpleasant symptoms: fatigue, apathy, irritability. What is the cause of spring blues and how to restore the body vitality? Let's find out together with the expert.

Marie Grimm, a nutritionist and author of vegan nutrition courses, will tell us how to fight spring fatigue and support immunity with the help of Greenway Global products: Welllab Element Dihydroquercetin with A, C, E and ImmunoHIT ACTIVE supplements and a drink with curcumin BALANCER GOLD CURCUMIN during an online meeting.

The expert broadcast in German will take place on the ZOOM platform on May 8 at 18.00 CET.

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Meeting ID: 860 0882 5101

Passcode: GWG


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