Promotion for kits for participation in the DETOX Marathon

20 ноября 2023

From 20 to 26 November

Meet the first DETOX Marathon in the European Union, which will help improve your health, gain new knowledge and build an individual health support system.

DETOX-Marathon was developed in close cooperation with doctors and specialists in health, cleansing and body care. In particular, the main expert of the marathon was Suprun Elina, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Leading Researcher at the Institute of Neurology, Psychiatry and Narcology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kharkov.

Over the course of 2 weeks, you, together with a team of experts, will go through important stages to cleanse the body and fill it with health.

The project is aimed not only at helping health, but also at comprehensive training in the use of dietary supplements and other Greenway Global products in combination with correction of nutrition and lifestyle. The entire marathon program is structured in such a way that participants can see the results from the correct approach to using products without any risks.

All participants will be able to communicate in a special marathon chat, receive answers to questions from moderators, have access to video lessons and complete tasks that will help in completing the marathon. The training will take the form of lectures on the ZOOM platform in different languages with simultaneous translations into Russian, English, Czech, German and Spanish.

As additional motivation, each marathon participant who successfully completes all tasks will have a chance to win valuable prizes from the Company.

How can I take part?

To take part in the marathon, you must purchase one of the Detox kits and Balancer Light of any flavor in one order from November 20 (10:00 CET) to November 26 (21:59 CET), and then MUST fill out the registration form on the landing page.

Note please!

When registering, you must leave your ID and phone number.

Any existing Greenway Global Client or Partner from the European Union and Great Britain* (*when ordering sets through international delivery from a warehouse in the Czech Republic) can become a participant in the marathon.

#16224EU DETOX 1. Marathon kit

Price: 80 euros / 2,160 CZK
Volume: 25 PV

#16225EU DETOX 2. Marathon kit

Price: 80 euros / 2,160 CZK
Volume: 25 PV

What will the prizes be?

Marathon participants who successfully complete all tasks will receive valuable gifts:

  • Grand Prize: Fitbit Versa 4 Health and Fitness Smartwatch
  • 2 foot massagers with heating function
  • 2 devices for ultrasonic cavitation
  • 3 smart eye masks with heating, vibration massage and music
  • 3 certificates for diagnosing the body using a non-invasive screening system.

The results of the marathon will be summed up on December 15 live on the company’s official Instagram account.