Greenway Global announces merger with Armelle

28 февраля 2024

From February 28, 2024

Greenway Global once again confirms its status as the fastest growing company in the network business.

More and more companies and teams are integrating with Greenway for future dominance in the network market.

From February 28, 2024, the network company Greenway Global announces a merger with the Russian network company Armelle. Thanks to the partnership, we are increasing the scale of the company, Armelle will have access to the entire Greenway infrastructure, and our product range will increase.

The Armelle company was founded by Vyacheslav Demidov in 2015 and has become famous for its development and production of quality products.

We congratulate all Armelle partners on uniting to jointly achieve common high goals and are pleased to welcome you to the ranks of Greenway Global!