Greenway Global announces merger with VA life company

25 мая 2024

From 25 May 2024

Greenway Global once again confirms its status as the fastest growing company in the networking business and announces its merger with VA life!

We would like to highlight some very important points about the VA life merger:

  1. From the moment of the official announcement, May 25, Partners of the merged company are Greenway Partners. And from that moment on, they are subject to all ethics and company rules, including re-signing.
  2. If at the moment of joining a Partner has 2 IDs (in his company and in Greenway), he is given 1 month to determine under which ID he will work. And this is a personal choice of the person.
  3. Marketing Plan will be a Greenway company and VA life partners will be integrated into the Greenway system of work and will have access to all Greenway products and services.