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AQUAmatic MOP universal attachment №1


Volume6.4 PV

Price17.6 EUR

Make cleaning fun! The universal nozzle allows for both wet and dry cleaning of various surfaces without leaving streaks and lint. The woven side is excellent at picking up dirt and absorbing water, while the fleecy side is designed for dry cleaning and dust removal from parquet and carpets.

AQUAmatic brush heads are made of ultra-fine split microfibers produced using the latest textile technology: each strand is cut longitudinally into eight regular sectors, creating microscopic slits along the length of the entire strand. Thanks to this feature, a capillary effect is formed: under the influence of surface tension, moisture, together with dirt and dust, is torn off the surface to be cleaned and is drawn into the structure of the fabric.
The woven side of the “Universal Nozzle” is designed for wet cleaning and is excellent at picking up dirt and absorbing water.
The fleecy side, designed for dry cleaning, perfectly collects dust, quickly tidies up parquet and carpets. Helps to delicately clean the surface without damaging or scratching.