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AQUAmatic MOP attachment for dry cleaning №3


Volume6.4 PV

Price17.6 EUR

The dry cleaning nozzle is ideal for floors that cannot be dampened. The unique texture of the Brosse fabric is electrified during wiping and attracts the smallest dust particles without scattering them around the room. The nozzle perfectly picks up dirt from floors, parquet and laminate, as well as from walls and ceilings.

The cleaning heads for cleaning surfaces used in the AQUAmatic line are made of ultra-fine split microfibers produced using the latest textile technology: each strand is cut longitudinally into eight regular sectors, creating microscopic slits along the length of the entire strand. Thanks to this feature, a capillary effect is formed: under the influence of surface tension, moisture, together with dirt and dust, is torn off the surface to be cleaned and is drawn into the structure of the fabric.
Special attention should be paid to the unique texture of the Brosse fabric, which in the process of wiping the surface is electrified and attracts the smallest particles of dust, and does not disperse them around the room. Thanks to this ability, dust and dirt are easily collected from the floor, walls and ceilings. The nozzle is ideal for maintaining parquet and laminate flooring.