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Aquamatic MOP Universal mop with two attachments of microfiber for floor and other surfaces


Volume35.2 PV

Price88.2 EUR

Exclusive Aquamatic line products are unique, stylish, easy to use cleaning tools. The flexible bracing and detachable mechanisms make them multifunctional. High quality materials, versatility, reliability and ergonomics of such products make them essential in every home.

Attachments for surfaces cleaning used in the Aquamatic line are made of the ultrathin dissected microfiber produced by the latest textile technology: each thread is cut longitudinally into eight regular sections forming microscopic slits along the entire length of the thread. Due to this feature, the capillary effect forms: as influenced by the surface tension, moisture with dirt and dust comes off the surface being cleaned and drawn into the fabric structure.

Ultramodern high-tech mop allows easy floor washing in the room, removing dirt from the ceiling and walls by spending the least of effort and time. It has the unique design, thanks to which it is exceptionally convenient to use and allows reducing the time of cleaning.

Reliable fabric clips ensure quick change of cleaning attachments.

The telescopic handle can be fixed to any level as desired at 77 to 128 cm to ensure high-quality cleaning of different surfaces. The mop is equipped with the special rotating mechanism that increases its handleability.

The Aquamatic mop makes the cleaning easier, quick, and high-quality and will save the time and money!


  • Mop platform

Thanks to the built-in hinge, the platform may rotate in any direction to ensure high-quality cleaning of any surfaces. The unique shape with rounded edges and special faces makes it easy to remove any ­contamination. The rubber cover reduces the pressure on the coating and securely holds the attachment. The flexible bracing that connects the platform and the telescopic handle is made of high-quality material and resists intense loads. Clamps conveniently and firmly fix the cloth and ensure a quick change of cleaning attachments.

  • Universal telescopic handle

Using a double grip rotary clamp, the telescopic handle is securely fixed to any length of 77 to 128 cm, which makes it possible to use a mop not only to clean the floor but also the walls and ceilings. It has the elastic handle that avoids slipping in the hands when cleaning.

  • Universal Attachment

The woven side is designed for wet cleaning and is excellent at picking up dirt and absorbing water. The fleecy side, designed for dry cleaning, perfectly collects dust, quickly tidies up parquet and carpets. Helps to delicately clean the surface without damaging or scratching.

  • An attachment for dry cleaning


It ensures the quick and high-quality cleaning of large surfaces, it is ideal for coatings not to be moistened. Thanks to the unique texture, the Brosse fabric, in the dry state, electrifies when wiping the surface and attracts the smallest dust particles, without dispersing them around the room.


Instructions for the product assembly

  1. Insert the telescopic handle into the grip fastener of the platform and tighten the nut clockwise until it stops.
  2. Press out the retainers and insert the edges of the attachment, then press the retainers.
  3. Adjust the length of the telescopic handle. To do this, unscrew the grip fastening nut, turn the upper part of the handle against the lower counterclockwise, extend the handle to the desired length, fix the length by turning clockwise, and tighten the grip fastening nut.
  4. The mop is ready to be used.

Usage conditions:

  • For the mop to serve for longer and to enjoy the cleaning, handle it carefully, ensure it is not deformed or contacted with heating devices.
  • Avoid excessive mechanical stress during assembly and use. Be careful when pressing retainers of the cleaning attachments.
  • For the best results, use the original microfiber attachments.
  • Do not leave microfiber attachments wet on the mop after cleaning. They are recommended to be washed and dried apart from the mop.
  • To keep the unique qualities and functionality of attachments, follow instructions to use microfiber products.

Instructions to use the products of microfiber:

  • Wash before first use.
  • Wash with soap or mild detergent that does not contain any bleach or conditioner
  • Wash separately from items made of other fabrics and other colors (it may absorb dyes).
  • Machine wash and delicate dry up to 60 °C.
  • Do not use under high temperatures (do not use it to wipe heated household appliances, do not dry on hot radiators, do not use in saunas, etc.).
  • Do not iron.
  • Use strictly as intended according to the information indicated on the package.

To keep the unique properties and appearance of microfiber attachments, at all times follow the instructions for use. Product lifetime while meeting all conditions – up to 2 years.

Mop platform, universal telescopic handle, universal attachment, an attachment for wet cleaning.