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Folding Bucket Green Fiber OPTIMA

Folding Bucket


Volume16 PV

Price45.6 EUR

The Green Fiber OPTIMA folding bucket is a multipurpose solution for cleaning your home.

Volume: 12 l

Discover the full potential of Green Fiber OPTIMA!

This bucket will become an indispensable helper in every home because of its functionality. Due to the plastic insert it compactly folds down, reducing by half. When folded, the bucket requires minimal storage space and will always be on hand: in the closet, on a shelf, behind the door.

The folding bucket will be a great and handy addition to Green Fiber's and Mops during any cleaning process.


Bucket folded — 47.6 х 27.4 х 7.7 cm

Bucket unfolded — 47.6 х 27.4 х 18.3 cm

Composition: polypropylene, thermoplastic rubber.


Product assembly instructions:

  • Holding one hand at the bottom of the bucket, the other hand pull up one edge of it, and then - the other. Secure the inner supports. The bucket is ready to use.
  • Fold the supports inside the bucket. Press your hands on its opposite edges. The bucket is ready to be stored.

The shelf life is not limited. The service life of the product is 2 years if used properly.

Recommendations for storage and use: For safe use, do not pour boiling water into the bucket, it can damage the plastic.

The recommended amount of filling water is up to the silicone insert of the bucket, i.e. approximately 7 liters. To avoid spilling water, hold the bucket by both handles in the center.