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Green Fiber TWIST Squeeze Mop

Squeeze Mop


Volume24 PV

Price67.1 EUR

The TWIST Mop is your new helper for quick and easy cleaning. Clean, dry hands and a spotless, sparkling floor. The combination of stylish modern design with a simple and convenient squeezing mechanism will allow you to wash dirt, sticky stains, collect debris, dust and hair with a minimum of your effort!

TWIST is a modern mop with a built-in wringer - a convenient and effective tool for cleaning. With TWIST, your hands will always stay dry and clean. The platform blades fold in one motion, and the nozzle is twisted and squeezed to the optimal degree of moisture. It is no longer necessary to squeeze the nozzle manually.

The nozzle material consists of microfibers of varying degrees of hardness, which allows you to cope with even the toughest dirt. The TWIST mop will help you get to the most inaccessible places on any floor surfaces. A reliable fastening mechanism tightly fixes the nozzle on the platform, so that the nozzle will not fall off during the entire cleaning process. The silicone brush included will help to clean the nozzle from debris.

The bright stylish design and compact size of the mop allow you to store it in any corner of your home without taking up much space.

  • Mop weight (without packaging) — 815 g
  • Total mop height — 142 cm
  • Platform size — 360x120 mm

THE SET INCLUDES: the upper part of the handle with a built-in silicone brush for cleaning the nozzle, the middle part of the handle with a plastic cover for pressing, the lower part of the handle with a platform and a spin mechanism, a microfibre nozzle (already fixed on the platform).


UpPoly fiber, a unique weave developed by Japanese technology, is used for the production of the nozzle. The fiber, split into hundreds of micro-filaments, creates a capillary effect when wet and, like a powerful vacuum cleaner, draws in a huge amount of moisture and with it dirt. In dry form, the fiber, like a magnet, attracts and holds dust. Ecology of cleanliness and comfort with Green Fiber!



  • First, fix the central part of the nozzle on the hook located in the middle of the platform with a loop.
  • Then, alternately bending the blades of the platform to the center, fix the nozzle at the edges of the platform in the same way as the central part.
  • Check if the spin mechanism is working: if the nozzle is twisted, you have installed it correctly.
  • To remove the nozzle from the platform, bend the blades, unfasten the hooks in reverse order, first along the edges, and then from the center of the nozzle.

Pay attention!

Do not twist the hinges while installing the nozzle, otherwise the spin mechanism may not work correctly.

Install and remove the nozzle only in the initial position of the platform, otherwise the spin mechanism will not work.


  • Set the mop handle perpendicular to the platform to its original position.
  • With one hand, hold the middle part of the mop handle by the plastic pad, with the other — pull the lower part of the mop handle away from you.
  • After pressing, return the bottom of the mop handle to its original position.
  • Please note that the spin mechanism does not work if the nozzle is not installed or incorrectly installed on the platform.
  • If necessary, press the nozzle several times to the optimum degree of humidity.

The service life of the product is 2 years with proper operation.

For the longest and most effective use of the Green Fiber TWIST mop, follow the following recommendations:

  • Before the first use, the new nozzle should be rinsed with water.
  • Do not use aggressive detergents or water softeners during cleaning, they worsen the properties of the nozzle.
  • After cleaning, do not leave the nozzle on the mop. Remove, wash with BioTrim laundry soap and dry the nozzle at room temperature. It is not recommended to dry the nozzle on the battery.
  • Do not disassemble the mop unnecessarily.

Instructions and assembly diagram are placed on the packaging of the mop.