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Craft notebook «MyGreenway»

Branded notebook


Price5.5 EUR

Combining a tool for preserving information, a careful attitude to nature and the pleasure of using it into one whole-what could be better? A stylish Greenway craft notebook will help you with this.

The notebook will help you to plan your time clearly, leave notes about important things or meetings, write down your ideas and fix your thoughts. With its help, life becomes easier and more organized, you will not miss a single event in business or in life, which will positively affect their effectiveness.

The craft notebook from Greenway is:

  • convenient A5 format-it will fit in any bag or backpack;
  • a hard and pleasant to the touch cover made of craft — a touch of nature;
  • the presence of a convenient elastic band so that the notebook does not open;
  • built-in bookmark to immediately find the location of the last entry;
  • eco-friendly-the notebook is made of recycled secondary raw materials;
  • universal-the notebook is not only a tool for planning your affairs, but also a stylish eco-friendly gift.


  • For those who value their time
  • For those who want to learn how to plan their work activities and rest
  • For those who want to go faster to the goal and analyze their results
  • For those who like to make useful and original gifts
  • For those who care about nature
Recycled paper, textile elastic band, textile bookmark.