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Craft pen «myGreenway»

Branded pen


Price0.9 EUR

Combining a convenient business tool, a careful attitude to nature and the pleasure of using it into one whole-what could be better? The Greenway crafting pen will help you with this.

The pen "myGreenway" is an ideal assistant for planning important tasks:

  • it will help you record ideas and tasks, important thoughts, make contact lists and other notes;
  • it is made of recycled paper, which means it helps to preserve the planet;
  • eco-accessories "myGreenway" are stylish and status details of your successful business, and also a universal gift for all lovers of nature.


  • For those who value their time
  • For those who want to learn how to plan their work activities and rest
  • For those who want to go faster to the goal and analyze their results
  • For those who care about nature
  • For those who like to make useful and original gifts

It is used for important notes, plans and tasks.

An original and stylish gift.

Cardboard, plastic (recyclable).