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FOET Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener

Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener


Price4.7 EUR

Foet cosmetics will help you create the perfect makeup! And a compact sharpener will help to give a perfect pointed shape to the pencil lead of a cosmetic pencil. The sharpener has two holes: a small one – 8 mm for eyebrow pencils and a large one - 12 mm for satin lipsticks. Double sharp blades do not break or chew the pencil, allowing you to achieve an even cut. A convenient removable transparent chip container will keep your hands and cosmetic bags clean. And a special applicator wand included in the kit will make it easy to clean the blades of the tool after use.

Composition: plastic, metal

Application: place a cosmetic pencil in the sharpener: eyebrow pencil - in a small hole, satin lipstick – in a large one. Scroll the pencil to sharpen. Open the outer container and clean the blades with an applicator stick.