Sale! Up to 20% on AQUAmagic cloth products

31 May 2021

Discount products are available for purchase

We are announcing a large-scale sale for AQUAmagic cloths in honor of the long-awaited summer beginning!

Discounts up to 20% From May 31 to June 4 on the selected assortment of the AQUAmagic brand.

# 02265 Aquamagic UJUT delicate cloth polishes smooth surfaces. Suitable for taking care of jewelry, bijouterie, LCD displays and indoor plants.

Promotional price: 5.80 EUR / 161.20 CZK

# 02259 Aquamagic ULTRA double-sided involver cloth cleans ultra-strong stains with the hard and absorbs dirt and moisture using a soft side.

Promotional price:  12.10 EUR / 332.90 CZK

# 02272 Aquamagic ABSOLUTE corduroy cloth allows you to wipe the dishes and any kitchen surfaces cleanly, thoroughly and without leaving streaks.

Promotional price: 9.10 EUR / 249.70 CZK

# 02254 Aquamagic ABSOLUTE dishwashing cloth has a smooth "rice" texture on one side which is does not leave scratches or streaks. The rigid side removes tough dirt, carbon deposits and sticky grease.

Promotional price: 3.80 EUR / 104 CZK

# 02251 Aquamagic UJUT universal cloth (orange) for general cleaning is suitable for any dirt. Absorbs perfectly, does not leave any streaks or lint, gives a flawless look to any surface.

Promotional price: 7.70 EUR / 213.20 CZK

# 02255 Aquamagic ABSOLUTE involver sponge (yellow) for removing stubborn stains. Suitable for heavily soiled surfaces.

Promotional price: 10.70 EUR / 296.50 CZK

# 02256 Aquamagic ABSOLUTE involver sponge (green) not only easily removes stubborn dirt, but will also help to cope with them for a long time.

Promotional price: 10.70 EUR / 296.50 CZK

# 02274 Aquamagic ULTRA involver disk has a flexible shape which is convenient for cleaning inaccessible places. Suitable for removing stubborn stains and grease.

Promotional price: 7.70 EUR / 213.20 CZK

The promotion is valid from May 31 to June 4 on the territory of the European Union.