New! Sharme Soap

3 June 2021

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Juicy mango, ripe grapes or a delicate yoghurt dessert?

Meet a new product from Greenway in the European Union: handmade solid natural soap Sharme Soap with mango, grape and yogurt aromas.

A series of natural handmade soaps Sharme Soap was created using cold technology "from scratch", which implies the production of a product not from a ready-made soap base, but from natural vegetable oils, without the use of synthetic components and artificial surfactants. With the cold method, the soap matures for at least 21 days, while with the hot method it takes 6 hours. Using soap made according to this recipe does not cause dryness, tightness or irritation of the skin.

Product requiring a special temperature regime.

# 02769EU SHARME SOAP Mango with a tropical scent of juicy mango is a beautiful care of nature in its purest form. The soap gently cleanses the skin without damaging the natural lipid balance, effectively nourishes and moisturizes, and helps preserve youth.

# 02770EU SHARME SOAP Grape - we managed to preserve the unique aroma of ripe southern grapes. A bright purple bar of soap in your bathroom will improve your mood and create a cozy atmosphere.

# 02771EU SHARME SOAP Berry yogurt - pamper your skin with a delicate dessert with an unforgettable aroma of berry yogurt. Soap is able to awaken pleasant memories and give genuine joy from use.

Price: 4.90 EUR / 135.20 CZK
Volume: 3 PV