New! Decorative cosmetics FOET

14 July 2021

Products are available for purchase

Our long-awaited novelty in the European Union!

Meet the new brand of decorative cosmetics from Greenway FOET.

Our line includes several trendy shades of lipsticks, lip glosses, and balm, eyeliners, and eyebrow pencils. You will find the right color for you in our color palettes.


The caring formula of the balm based on Indopol gel, carnauba wax, and oils gives the lips quality nutrition, hydration, and protection.

# 02630EU 30 Foet Lip Balm Tasty Coconut

Price: 8.50 EUR / 234 CZK

Volume: 4.5 PV


Give your lips the perfect shine and plumping effect. Your lips will always look hydrated with the collection of lip glosses Foet. Its formula contains a combination of natural softeners: jojoba and avocado oil. It provides smooth and easy application, as well as daily nourishment, careful hydration, and protection of the lips' delicate skin. The lip gloss can be used as a standalone product or on top of a lipstick for a glossy finish.

#02610EU 10 Foet Lip Gloss Coral Shine 

#02611EU 11 Foet Lip Gloss Classic Shine

#02612EU 12 Foet Lip Gloss Pink Pearl 

#02613EU 13 Foet Lip Gloss Juicy Peach 

#02614EU 14 Foet Lip Gloss Delicious Cocoa

Price: 10,40 EUR / 286,10 CZK

Volume: 5,5 PV


Discover Foet satin lipsticks with a creamy formula, trendy colors, and full coverage. Natural oils create a magic shine on the lips, which reveals in the sun or the light of the lamps. A super blend of Vitamin E and Shea Butter provides instant and long-lasting comfort from extreme dryness.

#02620EU 20 Foet Satin Lipstick Wonderful Nude

#02621EU 21 Foet Satin Lipstick Pretty Coral 

#02622EU 22 Foet Satin Lipstick Fantastic Red 

#02623EU 23 Foet Satin Lipstick Brilliant Bordo 

#02624EU 24 Foet Satin Lipstick Amazing Natural 

Price: 9,20 EUR / 254,90 CZK

Volume: 4,9 PV


The powder eyebrow pencil creates an even, natural finish but also sculpts and styles hairs with a special spiral brush. The rich pigment resists moisture and lasts for 12 hours. Nutrients in the formula create a special powdery texture.

#02671EU 71 Foet Browpencil Beige 

#02672EU 72 Foet Browpencil Brown

#02673EU 73 Foet Browpencil Grey 

Price: 16,40 EUR / 452,50 CZK

Volume: 8,7 PV


The matte felt-tip eyeliner is the perfect tool for creating an expressive look for both everyday and special occasions. After morning makeup you forget about it all day. The waterproof liner does not print on the eyelids, does not smudge within 24 hours. The convenient applicator allows you to create arrows of different thicknesses. Enchant with a look and enjoy the comfort of use!

#02640EU 40 Foet Ink Liner Black Matt

#02641EU 41 Foet Ink Liner Black Flossy 

Price: 8,50 EUR / 234,10 CZK

Volume: 4,5 PV