New! BALANCER ADEPT is now in the European Union

19 July 2021

Products are available for purchase

The long-awaited Greenway product in the European Union! BALANCER ADEPT is a food supplement with coconut milk in three flavors of Cappuccino, Pina Colada, and Matcha latte for vegans, people with lactose intolerance, and everyone who does not drink milk.

Free from lactose, sugar, gluten, GMOs, enzymes, maltodextrin.



• For those who care about the health and strive for nutritional balance.

• For those who want to increase intake of plant-based food.

• For those looking for an alternative to milk-based drinks.

• For those who often eat on the go.

• For those who want to be active and look good.


#01214EU BALANCER ADEPT food supplement with “Cappuccino” flavor, 7 servings. It is an excellent alternative to coffee with milk. Natural coffee in the composition gives the drink an invigorating scent and energizes you throughout the day.

#01215EU BALANCER ADEPT food supplement with “Pina Colada” flavor, 7 servings. The scent of summer and holiday will be with you around the year. Its bright tropical taste will appeal to everyone who dreams of delicious dessert but does not want to break the diet.

#01216EU BALANCER ADEPT food supplement with “Matcha Latte” flavor, 7 servings. It conquers at first taste with its unusual delicate taste and gives the feeling of satiety, energy for several hours. BALANCER ADEPT “Matcha Latte”  will win the hearts of healthy eating fans.

Price: 24.10 EUR / 665.70 CZK
Volume: 14.50 PV