3 сентября 2021

Frequently asked questions about the event

Dear friends!

Tomorrow we will meet in Moscow on the Grand Marathon-2021. We answer frequently asked questions about the event.

— Is a QR code required for the participants of the Grand Marathon-2021?

Before entering the event, participants must go through outside COVID control, where you need to show a valid QR code in your personal account on a mobile device. In case of low Internet speed, we recommend taking a screenshot of your mobile phone in advance.

— Who can get the QR code?

  • Those who have recovered from COVID-19 within the last 6 months (no more than 180 days from the day of recovery);
  • Those who have a negative PCR test valid for 3 days (72 hours).

— What is the expiration date of the QR code?

The term of the QR code depends on the reason for its receipt – it is indicated on the code itself

  • 180 days from the date of recovery – for recovered citizens;
  • 72 hours from the registration of the analysis result – for those who received a negative PCR test.

— I am a foreign citizen. How can I get a QR code?

Step 1. Pass the PCR test in laboratories transmitting data to the Unified Medical Information and Analytical System (UMIAS). For example, in the "АрхиМед" laboratories at the airports of Moscow. Be sure to specify that you need a QR code to participate in the event.

Step 2. Register on the portal

  • Go to
  • Choose “Get a QR-code for the foreign citizens”
  • Fill in all the fields
  • Get an account on the portal
  • Send a request for a QR code.

Please note! You need a QR code, not a code from the certificate with the results, to pass to the event.

— If there is no QR code?

In the absence of a QR code, participants must pass a PCR test in laboratories that send data to UMIAS and get a QR code. Otherwise, access to the event venue will be prohibited.

— How long does the PCR test valid?

PCR test is valid 72 hours from the moment of sampling.

— When is it better to make a PCR test?

No earlier than September 2.

— In what form should the PCR results be presented?

The PCR test must be sampled in laboratories, which enter the results into the UMIAS database. The laboratory sends your results to UMIAS, and you should be assigned a QR code.

Is a printed PCR test result valid?

Printed PCR, SMS with results, and other confirmations are invalid. Make sure that the test was made in the laboratory that sends data to UMIAS.

The list of laboratories connected to the UMIAS is available on the website. The link to the list of commercial laboratories in Moscow providing data to UMIAS is here >>>.

— Is it possible to make the PCR test at the Moscow airport?

Pass the COVID test by the express method in the "АрхиМед" laboratories at any of the Moscow airports. Laboratories provide the test result with a valid QR code after 2 hours.

After the COVID control zone, you go through the standard registration for an event in the Music Media Dome lobby.