New! Biotrim Eco Laundry Soap

6 сентября 2021

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What is the most important quality when choosing laundry products? Efficiency, cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness, or safety?

New products from Greenway have all these qualities. Meet BioTrim Eco Laundry Soap, a natural odorless or with a fresh mint scent.

BioTrim eco-friendly laundry soap is made from natural vegetable oils. Thanks to its composition, the soap removes stubborn stains even in cold water.

The soap is safe for the hands' skin, as it is based on palm oil, which moisturizes and protects the delicate skin.

BioTrim Laundry Soap is designed following the requirements of environmental safety.

#03227EU BioTrim Eco Laundry Soap ZERO

#03228EU BioTrim Eco Laundry Soap MINT

Price: 1.90 EUR / 52 CZK
Volume: 1 PV