New! Pencil sharpener FOET

1 октября 2021

The product is available for purchase

FOET cosmetics will help you create the perfect makeup! Meet the long-awaited new product! Our branded compact sharpener will help to sharpen the pencil. Dedicated to all fans of decorative cosmetics! Your favorite pencils, like diamonds, deserve the most accurate cut!

The double-hole sharpener (small - 8 mm and large - 12 mm) can sharpen both an eyebrow pencil and satin lipstick.The double sharp blades prevent the lead from breaking. The removable transparent container keeps your hands and cosmetics clean.

Use the handy applicator stick inside the product to clean the sharpener blades.

Enjoy the functionality and usability of the new tool. Use it yourself and recommend it to your friends, they will definitely appreciate it!

#17019EU FOET Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener

Price: 4,70 EUR / 130 CZK