Product Day for European partners: daily cleaning

7 октября 2021

October 9

Saturday is coming soon. For some - a day off, but for others - a cleaning day! We invite everyone to meet at Product Day on October 9 and discuss how to deal with one of the most consuming tasks, why you need daily cleaning, how to make it fast and environmentally friendly with Greenway products.

Heroes of the day:

  • Aquamagic ABSOLUTE dishwashing cloth
  • Aquamagic UJUT cloth for glassware
  • Aquamagic UJUT universal cloth
  • Aquamagic UJUT mitten for general cleaning
  • Aquamatic AERO spray mop
  • Sharme Essential Orange oil

Most people like cleanliness, but few people like the process of cleaning! Daily cleaning helps keep your apartment clean every day. By regularly paying attention to this, you will not only get a clean and beautiful house, free weekends from routine but also preserve the health of the household. At Product Day, you will get an optimal daily eco-cleaning checklist and learn about life hacks that will make cleaning easier!

We call for active participation in such meetings because Product Day from Greenway is:

  • presentation;
  • product benefits;
  • discounts on purchases!

Please note that Product Day is held by mentors in Europe once again! Contact them for more detailed information!