Expert broadcast of nutritionist, author of vegan nutrition courses Marie Grimm

8 октября 2021

The topic is functional nutrition and BALANCER ADEPT

Dear partners!

We are starting a series of expert broadcasts about Greenway products for European partners.

The topic of our first video is functional food and cocktails BALANCER ADEPT.  Nutritionist from Hamburg (Germany) Marie Grimm shared with us her expert opinion on

  • Vegetable nutrition,
  • The growing popularity of vegetarianism,
  • The value of proteins, fats and carbohydrates for the body,
  • Features and composition of BALANCER ADEPT,
  • Recommendations for the use of cocktails.

At the end of the broadcast, Marie Grimm will answer the most popular questions about BALANCER ADEPT.

We hope the information provided will be useful and interesting for you.

Link to broadcast >>

Please note that our first video is in German. In the future, we are planning broadcasts in other European languages.

Attention!  The video is uploaded to the YouTube platform, where the subtitle translation function is available.

The topic of our first broadcast was not chosen by chance!  We remind you that today is the last day of the promotion!  You can buy BALANCER ADEPT cocktails with a 25% discount!


Enjoy watching and enjoy shopping!