New! BALANCER ADEPT with Thai soup flavor Tom Yum

14 октября 2021

The product is available for purchase

New product in the European Union!

Discover a new format of soups with the BALANCER ADEPT! Tom Yum with Thai soup flavor will not only satisfy hunger for a few hours, but also give you maximum pleasure.

#01217EU BALANCER ADEPT with Tom Yum flavor, 5 servings - warm greetings from Thailand. Bright spice of taste, appetizing delicate texture and nice aroma will not leave anyone indifferent.

BALANCER ADEPT cocktails are based on plant protein and coconut milk, which add incredible richness to the flavors. All the benefits of natural ingredients for health, energy and optimal weight support!

Price: EUR 17.90 / CZK 494.10

Volume: 10.50 PV