Product Day for European partners: body care

14 октября 2021

October 16

This Saturday, October 16, we will reveal the secrets of beauty and personal care. A competent approach allows you to prolong youth and look attractive! Proper daily care at home is the foundation on which beauty and health are built.

Our focus this Saturday will be on the Sharme brand lines (natural hand-made solid soaps, shampoos, conditioners) and Aquamagic textiles (LASKA mini set, LASKA shower mitten, NEGA body wash mitt). We will talk about the features of the products and their composition.

We invite you to Product Day from Greenway because it is:

• product presentation;

• the benefits of our eco-products;

• bonuses for the purchase.

Please note that Product Day is hosted by mentors in Europe! Contact them for more detailed information!