Greenway and DLG: the most ambitious alliance in networking history

18 октября 2021

MLM leaders join forces

When we say that there are no limits to perfection, we mean to express our continued commitment to growth and strengthening our market position. Greenway today is the fastest growing Russian network company, but this is only one of the statuses we have achieved - it's time for a new level, time, and to make our voice heard around the world.

May October 2021 be a memorable month for all of us as we bring together two network marketing legends, two strong teams, our company Greenway and the French DLG to create the most global project in MLM, the Network Marketing Billionaire.

It was not only a union of two giants of the network industry, but also a union of experiences, talents, common goals and values of two innovators followed by thousands of people: Daniel Laroque and Leonid Morgunov.

The merger of the two companies is a combination of the strong growth and phenomenon of networking with the experience of European and American market development.

We are now a Greenway Global that will become a magnet for advanced networkers with international ambitions. Our goal is to expand our global geographic reach and position ourselves as the leading international networking company.

We already have more than 40 countries in our Union, but that's not all. The first point in our long-term goal is a turnover of one billion euros in three years. There will be more to come. More countries, more partners, more prospects, more opportunities and more of what people need today and always - safe, environmentally friendly products, stable and growing incomes, mutual respect and comfort in life and business.

We will compete with each other, be motivated by each other's successes, support each other, and do together what no one has dared to do before.