Product Day for European Partners: Stress Management

18 ноября 2021

November 20-21

The fast pace of life has led to an increase in physical, mental, and emotional stress. It causes are everyday problems, interpersonal relationships, professional activities, information overload. Anxiety about own health and the well-being of loved ones has increased during the pandemic. Often, even minor things, such as a forgotten phone or traffic jams, annoy us.

Let's talk about stress, its effect on the body, relaxation techniques, and GREENWAY products that can support us during nervous tension.

Heroes of the Product day:

• food supplements WELLLAB CARDIO and WELLLAB B-COMPLEX;


We will tell you about the benefits of using them and share with you the Antistress program (developed on the basis of these products), which will help support your body in stressful situations.

We are waiting for everyone at Product Day because it is:

• product presentation;

• masterclasses from experts;

• product benefits;

• bonuses for the purchase.

Please note that the discount will be valid for 2 days — November 20 and 21.

Mentors from Europe will held the Product Day. They will provide more details!

Take care of yourself! Understanding the ability to control the situation is the foundation of stress management.

See you at Product Day!