The third lesson of the marathon “Greenway Content Academy. Season 1"

18 ноября 2021

Lesson "Editing Reels and Other Videos for Social Networks"

Let's make video masterpieces together with Greenway Content Academy during the lesson "Editing Reels and Other Videos for Social Networks"!

Alexander shares the secrets of editing on the phone. He talks about life hacks and applications that allow you to create interesting stories from the captured videos. Using the example of Greenway products, you will learn how to create inverse Reels and quickly edit videos.

Go to the site in the "Video Tutorials" section and learn how to shoot professional videos on your smartphone.

For those who are ready to compete for cool prizes, Alexander has prepared a creative task number 1:

  • Shoot a video about a Greenway product or business
  • Edit video on your phone
  • Post a video to Reels with hashtag #академияконтента_сезон1 in your account
  • Copy the link to the publication and post it in a special form on the marathon website until November 20 to 18:00 Berlin time here >>>

IMPORTANT: your page must be open!

Alexander Larin will select the 15 best videos and assign them serial numbers. At the end of the marathon, we will give away prizes through a random number generator.

Tomorrow we will meet the new speaker of the marathon - Maya Bogdanova. Follow the news!