Greenway Gift Sets

19 ноября 2021

Don't know what to get for Christmas or New Year? We've already taken care of that!

Christmas is coming. A warm family holiday, on the eve of which miracles happen. All relatives and friends gather at a large table, exchange congratulations, and give gifts. Christmas surprises symbolize care and attention. Let's not put off buying gifts at the last minute!

The Greenway company decided to help you by creating beautiful and valuable sets for your loved ones. You do not have to spend a lot of time searching. Everything is ready! Just choose the option you want!

#04120EU Green set for gentle care of yourself and home. Care will be more eco-friendly. Natural shampoo and conditioner will give shine to hair! Universal washing stripes Blanc, cleaning paste Mystik, sponge Involver, double-sided dishwashing cloth from the AQUAmagic Absolute series will provide cleanliness in the house without harm to the health of your loved ones.

#02763EU Sharme Hair Lemongrass natural solid shampoo

#02805EU Sharme Essential Cedarwood 100% pure essential oil 5 ml

#02256EU Absolute. Involver sponge (green)

#02254EU Absolute. Dishwashing cloth

#03301EU Mystik. Cleansing paste

#03101EU Blanc. Multi-function washing stripes

Price: 48.30 EUR / 1,331.50 CZK

Volume: 28.50 PV

#04127EU Pink set for self-care ladies. Give your sweetheart women quality care. The mitten and peeling sponge will keep their body clean. Handmade soap with shea butter, coconut, corn, and olive will make the skin soft. The natural shampoo will give their hair shine. Verona washing stripes delicately wash lingerie. The essential oil of relaxing rosewood infuses the home with the aromas of oriental palaces.

#02771EU SHARME SOAP Berry yogurt

#02764EU Sharme Hair Almond natural solid shampoo

#02290EU AQUAmagic Laska Mitten

#02278EU Laska. Peeling Sponge

#02826EU Sharme Essential Rosewood 100% pure essential oil 5 ml

#03102EU Verona. Washing stripes for lingerie

Price: 50.90 EUR / 1,404.30 CZK

Volume: 31 PV

#04121EU Orange set for perfect housewives is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the top Greenway products. With BioTrim Nanny washing stripes for kids clothes, cleaning powder Mystik, stain remover X-formula, AQUAmagic сloths, you can quickly and easily achieve impeccable cleanliness!

#03103EU Nanny. Washing stripes for kids clothes

#03302EU Mystik. Cleaning powder

#03251EU X-formula. Express stain remover

#02253EU Ujut. Cloth for glassware

#02251EU Ujut. Universal cloth (orange)

Price: 37.70 EUR / 1,040.20 CZK

Volume: 23 PV

#04128EU Silver set for beauty connoisseurs. Any woman will be happy with this gift! Lovely ladies with Foet cosmetics will feel like queens not only during holidays! The secret of the captivating look — Foet eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyebrow pencil. Entrust lip care to satin Bordo lipstick and lip balm with a delicate coconut scent. Exclusive beauty!

#02641EU 41 Foet Ink liner Black glossy

#02630EU 30 Foet Lip Balm Tasty coconut

#02662EU Foet Hydrating Eyeshadow Stick "Silky Brown"

#02672EU Foet Brow Pencil Brown

#17019EU Foet Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener

#02623EU 23 Foet Satin Lipstick Brilliant Bordo

Price: 58.50 EUR / 1,612.40 CZK

Volume: 26 PV

#04124EU Lavender set for cleaning enthusiasts is full of Greenway's bestsellers! With a mitten for removing stubborn dirt, a double-sided cloth, a triple sponge, a disc for cleaning hard-to-reach places from the Involver AQUAmagic Ultra series, cleaning will become fast and eco-friendly! The lavender essential oil will infuse your home with a soft floral scent and improve the mood of the household. Sharme Hair Blackberry Natural Solid Shampoo will give healthy beauty to your hair!

#02258EU Ultra. Involver mitten

#02259EU Ultra Double-sided Involver cloth

#02260EU Ultra. Involver sponge

#02274EU Ultra. Involver disk

#02806EU Sharme Essential Lavender 100% pure essential oil 5 ml

#02765EU Sharme Hair Blackberry natural solid shampoo

Price: 63.20 EUR / 1,742.40 CZK

Volume: 39.5 PV

#04125EU Light green gourmet set. New tastes and emotions for your loved ones! Let the holiday be remembered for the scent of orange and the sweet anise with TeaVitall Anyday "Chinese". A BALANCER ADEPT with a delicate taste of "Matcha Latte" will help maintain a nutrition balance in the restless days. A green shaker will help make its preparation faster. Both women and men will be delighted with the gourmet set!

#01582EU TeaVitall Anyday “Chinese”

#01216EU BALANCER ADEPT food supplement with “Matcha Latte” flavor, 7 servings

#17003EU Green Shaker

Price: 32.10 EUR / 884.20 CZK

Volume: 16 PV

The sets will be great gifts not only for Christmas but also for the New Year! Holidays should be memorable and magical! The main thing is your attention to loved ones and a fabulous mood! If miracles are not enough, look under the Christmas tree!