Expert broadcast in Slovak

8 июня 2022

The musculoskeletal system and its support with dietary supplements WELLLAB LYSINE and HONDROLUX

Dear partners!

We continue a series of expert broadcasts about Greenway Global products for European partners. The topic of our next Saturday meeting on June 11 at 11.00 (CET) is Musculoskeletal System and its Support with Dietary Supplements WELLLAB LYSINE and HONDROLUX.

The nutrition consultant, the Ayurvedic pulse specialist, and certified trainer Martin Kvočik will talk about movement, muscle imbalances, nutrition for training, support for the musculoskeletal system, and supplements for overtraining.

Note! The live broadcast in Slovak will take place on the @greenway_eu_official account on Instagram on June 11 at 11.00 (CET) and will be open to all Greenway partners and clients. Be sure to set a reminder so you don't miss the broadcast. Invite your team!


See you on Saturday!