Greenway Global's largest environmental campaign Clean Walk

13 июня 2022

We invite everyone to take part in our green initiative

We invite you to participate in Clean Walk, the largest environmental campaign in the history of Greenway Global!

Clean Walk is a campaign in which partners, clients, and caring people from all over the world will walk along their favorite routes, picking up litter. It is also an opportunity to spend time outdoors with benefits for the environment.

Clean Walk will be held from June 13 to July 13, 2022. Participants can join the action on any day or take eco-friendly walks all the time. Picking up litter is a nice way to make your walk or hike more purposeful.

You can take part in the action both as ECO-TEAM or ECO-ACTIVIST (individually).

ECO-TEAM format implies that the participant gathers a team of like-minded people in his city and organizes a mass walk with litter picking up. The best teams that collect the most trash during their walks will get prizes, eco-souvenirs, and gifts from Greenway Global. They will be on the company's official pages on social networks.

ECO-ACTIVIST format implies that you participate without the team or in addition to walking with the team, the participant wants to collect waste on his own.

The Clean Walk campaign is an opportunity to acquire eco-friendly habits and to bring friends or partners together to set an example and show an attitude towards ecology and nature.

Participants will not only collect waste but also, where possible, recycle.

To take part in the promotion:

  1. Register using the link >>>*
  2. Gather friends and like-minded people or participate individually.
  3. From June 13 to July 13, take your garbage bags and gloves and start walking along your favorite routes, collecting waste.
  4. Take a picture of the result and upload it to the website >>>
  5. Share on social networks your photos and videos from walks with the hashtag #cleanwalk2022
  6. Where possible, take the waste to recycle.

You can find details about the campaign on the Clean Walk website and the company's official pages on social networks.

The campaign results will be summed up on July 14.

*Please note that the promotion website is available in English and Russian.